Studio - M O R P H B O T S
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“Dream, Believe, Proceed and You Shall Achieve”


  • MORPHBOTS is a creative digital design studio located in Silicon Valley. We enjoy producing apps, mobile games and super innovative AR/VR projects.
  • The name MORPHBOTS was chosen because its represents transformation, Morph is to change, to adapt, to evolve. Just when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. We represent a digital version of that metamorphosis.
  • Unbounded Creativity – There are no limits to our creativity. Fueled by our passions, knowledge and past experiences. We are constantly thinking about the possibilities and what is beyond the horizons.
  • Inspired Design Vision – Our biggest source of inspiration comes from the fragile life forms on planet Earth. We strive to understand why and how things are. Each day is a chance to make incremental improvements and gain valuable insights on this wonderful place in the universe.
  • Design With Great Purpose – We are living in exciting times, with the current tools and technology that we have invented. We understand that with each project that we take on, it’s our responsibility to fully commit our creative energy into it. Turning mere ideas into a work of art.
  • The studio was founded by Twizz, a creative tech visionary. Armed with an insightful, inventive and futuristic mindset, he is focused on designing technology with human intelligence, creativity and global impact. Recently worked on two high profile mobile app projects for Intel’s New Devices group.