KDoo & The Last Dragon King - M O R P H B O T S
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KDoo & The Last Dragon King

KDoo & The Last Dragon King


KDoo & The Last Dragon King – The mobile game I have started to make is called KDoo and The Last Dragon King, it is an sci-fi action adventure game.


There will be two parts to the story. The first chapter will be "Birth of a Dragon Prince" and the next will be "The Rise of The Dragon King" At the start of the game you will play as a Robo Rooster named KDoo. His mission is to collect resources and incubate the magical dragon egg so it can hatch and become ZFiyah - the Dragon Prince. On mythical Dragon Heart Island you will be able to dive under coral reefs and hunt for different species. Collect hidden gemstones to make purchases from Prof Wizzard, the nuclear scientist inventor. Once you get past the incubation stage, you will play the game as the Dragon Prince. Your mission as the Dragon Prince is to fight your way down 8 levels of caves and tunnels to defeat the Evil Fire Boss, also you will on this magical journey you will need to ascend up to the 8 Sky Islands and achieve the ultimate enlightenment of nirvana. There are a few key characters that will help you on your adventure, Prof Wizz - a nuclear physicist/scientist/inventor. Zudora - The Fairy Unicorn Princess and a few others that we will introduce later in the story.

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