MORPHBOTS was founded in 2004 by Twizz, a creative tech visionary. Armed with an insightful, inventive and futuristic mindset, he is focused on designing technology with human intelligence, creativity and global impact. Currently experimenting with VR software, films, games and immersive experiences. He manages a small new media design and development team at the studio.

Most recent projects was for Intel’s New Devices Group. One was a digital smart agent called “CHIP” and the other was a facial recognition messaging app called Yap Before that he launched a sustainable publishing platform for change. Way even before that he was Creative Director for a global e-learning startup called eXLearn Inc. his team was successful in producing all the products and even raised second round of funding before the dot com crashed happened and sunk the company. The products was extremely innovative but it was maybe 10 years ahead of its time. He studied Industrial Design at San Jose State University, while learning graphic/web design on his own spare time, the web took off and his days of sanding foam and building ID products was toast.